artsINSIDEOUT in South Africa

Dance class

For a third summer, ASTEP supported artsINSIDEOUT, a unique group of students and working professionals in the performing arts who have been personally affected by HIV/AIDS. They traveled to Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg, bringing acting, singing, dancing, story telling, and the visual arts, inspiring Nkosi’s Haven youth to unleash their creative energy, empowering them to communicate their own experiences.

This year, artsINSIDEOUT made it a priority to include four South African artists on their Volunteer Team. By integrating the American/South African teaching team, their work could be sustainable year round, even when they’re back in New York City. It would also add an element of cultural exchange among the teachers that could only deepen the work to the benefit of the students.

Check out the artsINSIDEOUT Blog for photos, videos, and volunteer testimonials!


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