Co-founded by Dick Scanlan and Evan Todd in 2011, artsINSIDEOUT is made up of ASTEP Volunteer Artists who travel to areas of the globe that have been hit hard by the AIDS epidemic and to connect with young people and mothers who have been similarly impacted.

We currently support Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg, which was founded by Gail Johnson in memory of her son who, at the time of his death in 2001, was the international face of AIDS in Africa. Nkosi’s Haven offers holistic care and support for destitute mothers living with HIV/AIDS and their children, including orphans.

Through a two-week arts camp that includes acting, singing, dancing, story telling techniques, and visual arts, ASTEP Volunteer Artists inspire Nkosi’s Haven youth to unleash their creative energy, empowering them to communicate their own experiences. Through the shared connection of this marginalizing disease, they are able to initiate a process of healing. With the building of community, creativity and consciousness they reach their ultimate goal: health, inside and out.

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