As a socially-conscious artist, what would you do with a 5-day residency?


A Step Towards Empowering Artists Scholarship

Theme: Overcoming Discrimination Through Art 

Spring 2012


Scholarship Description

ASTEP and SPACE on Ryder Farm will award two 5-day 4-night residencies with a goal of supporting socially conscious artistic endeavors. These endeavors include creation processes, residencies, exploration or research, exhibits, and performances. The residency will provide each artist with room, board, working space, and artistic support from Ryder Farm faculty for the 5-day 4-night stay. Applicants will be required to pay for their transportation to and from the farm.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Scholarship applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have either participated as a student or teacher in one of the ASTEP programs.
  • The project proposed by the applicant must directly relate to the theme: Overcoming Discrimination Through Art

Applicants must submit a cover page, project summary, and logistics

  • Cover page: must include a project title, your name, email address, phone number, and the ASTEP program that you participated in.
  • Project Summary: The project summary must be between 250-400 words. Please explain why you are pursuing this project, how the theme is connected, and the impact you hope the project will have on you as an artist and/or your community. (Project summaries that exceed the recommended length will not be reviewed.)
  • Project Logistics: Please specify a timeline for your project from inception to completion and your budget (if you already have or plan to seek funding from outside sources, please list them as well).

Reviewing Process

  • Four members of the ASTEP community have been randomly selected to review eligible applications. Panelists represent student alum, volunteer alum, and board members (ASTEP staff members will not serve on the panel).  Panelists will remain anonymous.
  • Panelists may contact applicants with comments and questions. In the second phase of the review process, panelists will score the application, including any modifications.  The scholarship will be awarded to the artist with the highest score, based on the following areas:

Clarity – how clearly the idea is presented and how it connects to the theme.
Practicality – how feasible is the project as a whole based on the budget and timeline presented.
Impact – the potential for impact on the artist and the community.

Scholarship Deadline

Applications will be accepted starting on February 27, 2012. Email applications to Mauricio Salgado at The application deadline is March 2, 2012 at 11:59pm.

Award winners

  • All applicants will receive a response by April 1st, including Award winners. The winners will also be announced on the ASTEP website and Facebook page.
  • Winners will have to confirm their residency dates by April 15th. (SPACE on Ryder Farm suggests that the residency take place between June 1 and June 16.)
  • Winners will also be required to create four blog posts about their creative process for the ASTEP website and should include photos or videos.

For questions, please contact Mauricio Salgado, Director of Domestic Programs, at

We look forward to hearing from you!