ASTEP at Incarnation Children’s Center


ASTEP leads creatives arts programming for the Incarnation Children’s Center, a pediatric facility for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. ASTEP’s day-long creative arts workshops and activities engage students with experiences that focus on developing a strong sense of community, deepening their capacity for creating, and exposing them to the performing arts. These young adults find that creativity and discipline are not mutually exclusive——their development in the classroom and onstage will be mirrored by the offstage development of improved work habits and commitment to their peers.

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Incarnation Children’s Center – the only licensed pediatric skilled nursing facility exclusively providing specialized care for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. The ICC’s unique combination of expertise and support provides youths and their families with an interdisciplinary approach designed to meet the challenges of this illness and minimize its effects on the quality of life. The ICC’s main focus is on children who are too sick to be cared for at home but not ill enough to require hospitalization. The center houses around 34 youth from ages 1-21 years old.


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