Mauricio Salgado interviewed at Region II festival.

Just last week, Mauricio led two workshops at the KCACTF Region II Festival at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and engaged with students from around the mid-Atlantic¬†region. A reporter from The Indiana Gazette, Bill Zimmerman, attended these workshops and highlighted ASTEP’s focus on the transforming power of the arts:

On Thursday, attention turned from the stage to the community, when Mauricio Salgado of Artists Striving To End Poverty offered two workshops centered on making the world a better place. In the first session, “The Artist as Citizen,” 15 students and educators took part in a lively discussion in Cogswell Hall about the role of the artist in the community.

“This is a dialogue that we need to be having,” he said. “I have a perspective, and I’d like to hear the rest of yours.”

The Juilliard-trained actor opened by reciting an inspirational piece created by an ASTEP volunteer working with disadvantaged youths in Florida, where the organization does much of its work. It included rap lyrics, humor, a little profanity and the line: “No one on this planet can tell you what you’re worth.” The group was impressed. (Read the complete article here!)