South Florida



ASTEP Teaching Artists support Art-in-Action, a four-week arts empowerment summer camp that enables south Miami-Dade youth to build on their potential and become leaders in their community. ASTEP partners with enFAMILIA, a community organization that builds healthy family relationships among the immigrant, migrant, and farm worker communities of south Florida. AIA will be remote given the ongoing pandemic. 

ASTEP and enFAMILIA have worked together to develop a curriculum model that positively impacts the lives of the young participants beyond their time in the program. The common goal is to empower the youth of south Miami-Dade with communication and leadership skills that will help them transcend the barriers they face. In addition, Art-in-Action focuses on the following objectives:

  • To expose the students to the arts and develop their creative process
  • To develop communication skills and discuss family values
  • To build  awareness and skills to address  gang violence and drug prevention
  • To build awareness of relevant gender issues and teen pregnancy
  • To discuss morals and ethics within their cultural context

The culmination of camp is a final performance of works presented by the students for the community.

Art-in-Action provides dance, drama, music, creative writing, and visual art workshops that not only engage youth in the joy of creating art, but also enable them to develop critical life skills, including communication and teamwork. The camp takes place at the Everglades Community Association, a housing and community development corporation serving rural poor, migrant, and seasonal farm workers. For many of the youth, Art-in-Action is their first exposure to the arts and a rare opportunity for them to develop their own creativity.

In addition, Art-in-Action promotes positive social dialogue across boundaries of race, class, gender, and culture and focuses on specific social issues such as gender equality, substance abuse and gang violence prevention, and teen pregnancy awareness.

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