Volunteer Spotlight: Alison Green


Alison Green

This week, our volunteer spotlight is on Alison Green!

Why do you volunteer with ASTEP?
I believe that the arts are transformational and offer learners opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. I have witnessed this impact in learners directly through improved confidence, listening skills, a rise in levels of empathy and compassion and a willingness to engage with diversity and explore narratives very different from their own. I believe that all these skills are essential in today’s world and for our sustained future as humans on earth.

How long have you been volunteering with ASTEP?
Since 2013 (?) I think…

What programs have you been a part of with ASTEP?
Due to my location I am mostly involved in the South African artsINSIDEOUT programme but have also witnessed some of the ASTEP summer programs in the US. I have also attended the brilliant Artist as Citizen conference at Juilliard.

What is your favorite memory from an ASTEP program?
Wow, so many. I guess the continued reminder that whenever I visit Nkosi’s Haven, or see the kids on an outing, they ask about artsINSIDEOUT and when it is happening again. I think this is a solid indicator that they perceive the programme as an important recurring event in their lives, much like Christmas, and look forward to it eagerly, with joy and with anticipation.

Thank you, Alison, for volunteering with ASTEP! We cannot do this work without you! 

To learn more about ways YOU can get involved with ASTEP, email Sami Manfredi at sami@asteponline.org



Thank you to our 2019 Summer Volunteer Teaching Artists!

We are so grateful for our team of Volunteer Teaching Artists, who work endlessly to bring transformative arts experiences to the children we serve. Thank you for making our programs possible this summer!

ASTEP on STAGE! (June 1-July 10):
– Marcus Crawford Guy
– Will Thomason
– Mariana Fresno
– Maria Kowalski
– Angela Joy Morgan
– Ali Dachis
– Susanna Stahlmann
– Tiffany Ramos
– Grace Canahuati
– Becky Baumwoll
– Gabby Serrano
– Esme Lytle

– Kaveh Haghtalab

Shanti Bhavan:
– Marcus Crawford Guy
– Rosco Spears
– Lindsay Roberts
– Morgan McGhee
– Emily Kindred
– Evangel McVicker
– Caity Gwin
– Austen Bohmer
– Stephanie Hyde
– Michael Lunder

– Marissa Palley Aron
– Brigid Transon
– Jordana Rubenstein-Edberg
– Tyrone Osborne-Brown
– Leila Mire
– Kretel Krah
– Tiffany Ramos
– Ruhi Radke
– Meg Smith
– Juanita Castro-Ochoa
– Aaron Rossini
– Jasmeene Francios
– Anna Falvey
– Catt Melendez
– Maya Sokolow
– Raymundo Gutierrez
– Rachel Keteyian

– Adriana Ochoa
– Kelly Burns

Arkansas Pilot Program:
– Nate Rothermel
– Susanna Stahlmann
– Morgan McGhee

– Yazmany Arboleda
– Thembile Tshuma
– Stella Boonshoft
– Ryan Kim
– Violet Mmbidi
– Stompie Selibe
– Victor Geraldo Colon
– Roelf Daling
– Will Macadams
– Mosoeu Ketlele
– Kedren Spencer
– Thapelo Keorapetse Pule
– Lizzi Gee
– Shawn Mothupi
– Thembeka Mavuso
– Dumisani Khanyi
– Elia Monte-Brown
– Lorraine Ketlele
– Alannah O’Hagan
– Danny Mefford

artsINSIDEOUT 2014


For a fourth year this summer, artsINSIDEOUT spent two weeks in Johannesburg, South Africa serving the children of Nkosi’s Haven, a center that offers holistic care and support for destitute mothers living with HIV/AIDS and their children, including orphans. Through acting, singing, dancing and storytelling techniques, a team of 14 Volunteer Artists inspired the children to unleash their creative energy, empowering them to communicate their own experiences. There was even a special stagecraft workshop where the students built a permanent stage that can be dismantled and stored so we can use it every year!

A huge THANK YOU to each of the Volunteer Artists who dedicated their time and talent to this inspiring experience — Riegerdt Deetlefs, Yazmany Arboleda, Coby Getzug, JoAnn Hunter, Victoria Pollack, Alison Green, Rachel Haas, Roberto Pombo, Víctor Geraldo Rodríguez, Ezra Lowrey, Stompie Selibe, Jeremy Huntington, Timothy Connell and Dick Scanlan.

artsINSIDEOUT in South Africa

Dance class

For a third summer, ASTEP supported artsINSIDEOUT, a unique group of students and working professionals in the performing arts who have been personally affected by HIV/AIDS. They traveled to Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg, bringing acting, singing, dancing, story telling, and the visual arts, inspiring Nkosi’s Haven youth to unleash their creative energy, empowering them to communicate their own experiences.

This year, artsINSIDEOUT made it a priority to include four South African artists on their Volunteer Team. By integrating the American/South African teaching team, their work could be sustainable year round, even when they’re back in New York City. It would also add an element of cultural exchange among the teachers that could only deepen the work to the benefit of the students.

Check out the artsINSIDEOUT Blog for photos, videos, and volunteer testimonials!


artsINSIDEOUT 2013_3

artsINSIDEOUT 2013_4

artsINSIDEOUT 2013_5