Volunteer Spotlight: Grace Canahuati

This week, our volunteer spotlight is on Grace Canahuati!

Why do you volunteer with ASTEP?
To engage in a positive and inspiring way with children who are in need of hope and artistic escape. Each time I teach a class I feel like we collectively regenerate. Words cannot describe what these vibrant children do for the soul and it’s my priority to provide them with joy. Every lesson I approach as if it’s the most important class I’m going to give.

How long have you been volunteering with ASTEP?
I’ve been volunteering since May 2017.

What programs have you been a part of with ASTEP?
Lutheran Social Services partnership with ASTEP where unaccompanied minors are given the magic and fun of the arts every Friday taught in Spanish.

What is your favorite memory from an ASTEP program?
When everyone is laughing, smiling, and creating art there is magic in the room. We are all transported to a place where anything can happen. Art heals.

Thank you, Grace, for volunteering with ASTEP! The uplifting hope you bring to the classroom leaves lasting memories in all those you teach. We cannot do this work without you!

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For all Volunteer Inquiries, email ASTEP’S Manager of Programs, Sami Manfredi, at sami@asteponline.org.