Passion for theater at KCACTF Region 5. Nick Dalton reports.

Below, an excerpt (click here for Nick’s full update):

“One of the most inspiring people I met was “Lolly” Laura Foy, who attended both ASTEP workshops and introduced me to a dozen of her students and co-workers. She was the Region’s 2010 Irene Ryan Finalist, and is now a professor at Winona State University. She went to Grad School at the age of 48, after having fallen in love with a Street Artist in the Renaissance Circuit in her 20?s and literally “Ran away with the Circus.” Now with 2 kids, and the un-censored artistic passion of a child, she inspires her students to think out of the box and that there is no one way to live your life or hone your craft and give back. Needless to say, the student she coached was one of this year’s Irene Ryan Finalists going to DC!

And these were just a few of the many powwows that happened during the 3 days, because our goal seems to be something alot of Collegiate communities need desperately. But, that necessarily can’t be developed in house because even Professors have to focus on writing papers and research as a means of keeping their jobs by attaining tenure– so even their passion and story gets lost in the fight for survival getting limited to safe commercial art in programs also supported primarily by ticket sales instead of University Funds. So, the poverty of free thought is occurring in all aspects of the collegiate community not just the students. If all this can be discovered in 3 days in Iowa, I a cannot wait to see what Region 4 brings!”

— Nick Dalton, ASTEP Volunteer


Video contribution from KCACTF 5 student

Vicky Stafford, Iowa State University




Nick with Rich Sommer (actor, MAD MEN), Amanda Duffy (actress, wig mistress to Broadway shows) and John Plumpis (actor, BARRYMORE)