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As we respond to the events of 2020, including the effects of two deadly viruses, COVID-19 and the ongoing impact of systemic racism, ASTEP is going beyond listening into action. We are committed as never before to engaging professional teaching artists with skills and experiences relevant to the communities we serve. We are hiring a new Director of Programs to lead these efforts in designing and staffing ASTEP’s Programs. The ideal candidate is flexible, creative, and collaborative. They care deeply about the arts and believe in its power to develop important life skills, awaken children’s imaginations, and help them become active participants in their own lives and in the life of their communities.


ASTEP values creating community among our staff members, and are invested in everyone as individuals. We believe in collaboration and communication. We work as a team, and genuinely care about setting everyone up for success. We deeply believe in the potential of the youth we work with, and are genuinely excited about the opportunities we create with them. We are committed to the health of our employees, and are working remotely until it is deemed safe to return to a busy office environment in midtown Manhattan. ASTEP provides support for remote working situations as needed.


ASTEP began its anti-racism journey long before the summer of 2020 and expects to continue it long after. We engage in both formal (training, consultancies) and informal practices (book clubs, shared leadership models) to continue to interrogate supremacist behavior in ourselves and our organization. We are committed to seeking staff members and teaching artists that are representative of the communities we serve, therefore cultivating a sense of belonging across diverse populations is crucial to our success.


  • Lead the overall and day-to-day operations of ASTEP programs to ensure smooth functioning of each program, domestic and international
  • Recruit, hire, and on-board a diverse roster of teaching artists that reflect the diversity and breadth of the communities we serve
  • Design and lead trainings for teaching artists which are based on the most current and inclusive pedagogical practices, including anti-racist pedagogy, trauma-informed and culturally responsive teaching, Universal Design for Learning, and more
  • Develop and manage systems for conducting ongoing monitoring and evaluation of programs
  • Design, implement and cultivate ASTEP’s relationships with partner organizations
  • Develop annual program budget and maintain program expenditures within budgeted parameters
  • Design and maintain a lesson plan database and program structures
  • Provide quarterly program updates to the Board of Directors
  • Create and share quarterly reports on Program successes and metrics
  • Monitor child protection policies for programs
  • Support ASTEP fundraising events
  • Design and maintain a materials and supplies inventory


  • Bachelor’s degree or demonstration of comparable expertise
  • Minimum five years experience in relevant fields
  • Passion and skill for developing interpersonal relationships, and an ability to build trust and rapport across diverse populations
  • A proven commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion implementation and a fluency with anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks
  • Experience leading teams and/or managing contractors
  • Demonstrate ability to successfully maintain and utilize database systems
  • A proactive and highly motivated individual who demonstrates the initiative to grow our programs
  • Excellent communications skills, written and oral
  • An understanding of and commitment to ASTEP’s mission, stated above, and the diverse populations we serve, which include youth impacted by the justice system, gun violence, homelessness, immigration system, systemic poverty, and HIV/AIDS
  • A high cultural competency relevant to the specific populations ASTEP serves


February 12, 2021

March 15, 2021



#artathome: Try these ASTEP games!

Need some game-spiration for your time inside? Look no further! We are happy to share some of our favorite activities from the ASTEP Games Guide, courtesy of our incredible Volunteer Teaching Artists! We will be adding to this list, so stay tuned for more on the ASTEP blog, as well as on our social media pages!


∴Word Connect
Listening, Improvisation, Creativity, Quick Thinking Storytelling

Requirements: ​2 or more players.

  1. Start this activity in a circle
  2. The activity begins with one person saying any random word.
  3. Turn by turn every person says another word which is related to the previous one.

For example: if someone says red, the next person can say apple or blood etc. It is wise to give content parameters around this game so that it remains appropriate for all students.

This game allows the students’ impulses to fly. It’s a great way to not overthink and just say the first thing that comes to your mind. Certain choices made by the student can help us understand their unconscious thoughts/likes/dislikes/fears.


∴Move the Hat
Imagination, Creativity, Use of Space, Storytelling

Requirements:​ This activity is great for any age group and size.

  1. Establish a “start” and “stop” line around 10 feet apart, or just enough room for them to work with!
  2. Students Individually or in small groups are told there is an object in front of them on the floor, in this case: a hat. For the purposes of the exercise, it can be any manageable object that is around or even invisible/imaginary.
  3. The student is then instructed that they are to move the hat from the start line to the stop line, but they have to move it according to the prompt the teacher gives.
    a. Some examples: it weighs 500lbs, it’s on fire, it smells very bad, etc. Anything the instructor can come up with! Optional addition: rather than announcing the prompt out loud, the teacher can tell only the active student the prompt and the students in the audience guess what it was! There is no “wrong answer” to this game, and it can be adapted in a variety of ways depending on the students’ needs.

Silliness, Teamwork, Silliness Storytelling, Character work

Materials:​ 1 chair per student. Requirements: ​4 players or more Similar to Musical Chairs

  1. Everyone begins sitting in a chair. To start the game we need one volunteer. Place the volunteer some distance away from their chair in the room. (Remind kids to be safe!) 
  2. The zombie wants to sit in an empty chair and everyone else wants to prevent the zombie from getting to an empty chair. The only way to prevent the zombie from getting to an empty chair is to sit in the chair yourself, thus creating a new empty chair!
  3. Once you get up, you MUST find a new chair. Zombies must move like a zombie (slow shuffle, low moaning etc), but all other players may move freely at whatever speed they wish. 
  4. If the zombie reaches and sits in a chair, he becomes human again. Anyone remaining standing becomes the new zombie. If there are multiple people standing, the last person standing must be the new zombie.
  5. All new zombies MUST get down on the ground in body or spirit and pretend to come back to life.


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What are your favorite games right now?

Share them with us by tagging us on social media!





Come be a part of ASTEP’s longest partnership! 

 ASTEP is proud to partner with enFAMILIA – a community organization that builds healthy family relationships among immigrant, migrant, and farm worker communities of South Florida – for more than 15 years! ASTEP Volunteer Teaching Artists will join a local team to support a 4 week arts-based summer camp in Homestead, Florida! Camp activities have included everything from making ice cream to staging a mini-production of Annie to collaborating on amazing murals! An AIA camp day is a day full of fun! ASTEP Artists will lead classes and large group activities, assist in camp management, and truly be a part of the life of this Florida community. Being a part of this camp is an opportunity to be a part of a new family. Share your art, and share in the AIA love!


Dates: June 12 – July 13

Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Location: Homestead, Florida

Who: You! All artists with a passion for making a difference!

People of color, LGBTQ+, those with disabilities, and anyone excited to work with us are strongly encouraged to apply.

** Housing, flights, and food are provided for all Volunteer Teaching Artists ** Email Sami Manfredi at or give us a ring at 212.921.1227 to learn more!