Unpacking Home: the power of the arts to impact a social issue

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Over the past four months, ASTEP has been collaborating with the theater professors and students at LaGuardia Community College and Kingsborough Community College on a service-learning project that would highlight the power of the arts to impact the social agenda of a community — homelessness, especially homeless youth.

After a series of ASTEP workshops and trainings, this ensemble of 18 students spent several weeks volunteering at four community organizations that serve individuals and families in transition — WINNYC, Covenant House, Sylvia’s Place, and Charlotte’s Place. They then devised a piece based upon their volunteer experiences, research, and exploration of the meaning of “home”.

“Unpacking Home” culminated in a series of performances from November 6 – 9, 2013 for diverse communities around NYC. There were many powerful moments shared during the show since the piece encouraged the audience to respond to prompts, most poignantly, “what does home mean to you?”.

Thank you to all of the members of the team that made this experience so unique:

Emeka Agada, Luis Alcantara, Joseph Andrade, Anjail Bakeer, Juan Collado, Brittany Candelario, Kaitlin Coffey, Mone’t Fuentes, Morin Golan, Valjean Guerra, Andy Jimenez, Eric Loehr, Viguens Louis, Yuka Taga, Fernando Torres, Max Wardlaw, Cydia White, and ASTEP Volunteer Artists Lili Froelich and Danielle Lencioni. Led by Yosefa Forma, Steven Hitt, Ryan McKinney, and Stefanie Sertich.

We welcome you to the ASTEP Community!

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