Volunteer Spotlight: Ali Dachis


This week, our Volunteer Spotlight is on Ali Dachis!


Why do you volunteer with ASTEP?
Because I believe in the transformative power of the arts. Because it makes me feel good and allows me to have personal connections with the world around me.

How long have you been volunteering with ASTEP?
Almost 7 years!

What programs have you been a part of with ASTEP?
artsINSIDEOUT, ICC, WIN, ASTEP on STAGE!, Ecuador, Artist As Citizen Conference, KCACTF, RYSA/IRC, and Hole in Wall Gang Camp. I think that’s it?

What is your favorite memory from an ASTEP program?
This year (2018) in South Africa for ArtsINSIDEOUT (2018) my 6 year olds had just made flying butterflies in our art class, and I asked them what sound do butterflies make? (Thinking they would be silent) and they made the most beautiful gentle fluttering sounds. It surprised me and brought me such joy. It’s the small things.

Thank you, Ali, for volunteering with us at ASTEP for 7 years! You have been a vital part of so many of our programs, and we cannot do our work without you!

To learn more about ways YOU can get involved with ASTEP, email Sami Manfredi at sami@asteponline.org.









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